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J & B Southwest was created by Jim and Barbara Metcalf. Jim and Barbara enjoy going to San Antonio and watching the lighting of the lights after Thanksgiving each year. While there, they would tour all of the art stores and gift shops and were taken in by the vivid water colors by the South West Artists as well as the rustic artifacts in the gift stores. Unfortunately several of their favorite spots moved out of San Antonio and Jim and Barbara set their sights on Sante Fe and Taos, New Mexico where all of the South Western Artists flourish. It is highly recommended that anyone interested in South Western Art to visit both cities.

Jim is also a leather crafter and artifact decorator such as skull heads, leather guitar straps, candle holders, key chains, etc.

Jim and Barbara invite you to visit their web site, browse the Southwestern Artwork, Western Artwork, Water Colors, Wild Life Artwork and the Leather Crafting. They also have a gift shop area for Western Themed Gifts. No one comes to Texas without wanting to take a little souvenier from Texas back home with them

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